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Fastex, Inc. is your one-stop shopping source for 

Used PCB assembly equipment!


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In addition to selling quality used PCB (printed circuit board) assembly equipment, Fastex buys and 

liquidates your surplus and unused PCB assembly machines - both through hole (TH) and surface mount (SMT)


We are not simply a used equipment re-seller - we are a full service organization that can provide the 

exact level of service and support you need.


If you're buying we provide installation, technical training, refurbishing, reconditioning, and extended warranties.

 If you're selling or are a leasing or financial organization, we can assist with your asset liquidation and 

investment recovery requirements. We deal with the entire gamut of equipment related to the assembly 

and production of printed circuit boards. Following is a brief listing of the equipment we buy and sell:


We strive to develop a Partnership with buyers and sellers alike.

Experience, First-Hand, the Difference in Expertise, Value, and Service.



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